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Property Refurbishments In Essex

Complete Lofts and Extensions Ltd can completely transform the appearance of your home and add considerable value too. Our property refurbishment contractors are experts in carrying out internal renovations of your home. Whether you want to modernise your décor, maximise your resell value or even optimise the layout of your home, our property refurbishment specialists are highly skilled and will apply exceptional craftsmanship to each home refurbishment Essex & London project we take on.

Property Refurbishment Services Essex

Our property refurbishment Essex specialists are excited to tackle any type of home renovation project in the south east. To give you an idea of some the typical jobs we handle, these include:

·         Bathroom renovation

·         Kitchen installation

·        Loft conversions

·         Property extensions

·         Complete layout reconfiguration

·         Ensuite installations

Planning Your Property Refurbishment in Essex


Many of our customers get in touch with our property refurbishment specialists knowing that they would like to make some interior changes, but without knowing exactly what would work. Complete Lofts and Extensions Ltd offers a professional in-house design team who are experts at transforming your dreams into reality. By working with the precise measurements of your home, our property refurbishment Essex team can generate some exciting ideas and help you to see the possibilities that lie within your property. Of course, we completely understand and respect that you will have your own personal budget to stick to. Our designs will always be based around the figure that you have provided and we will be entirely transparent about our own costs so you can see that you’re not being charged for any hidden extras.

What You Can Expect From Our Property Refurbishment Essex Specialists

Complete Lofts and Extensions Ltd are proud to be renowned throughout the renovation industry as providing a quality standard of craftsmanship to each project we work on. Our team possess extensive experience and a breadth of skills which ensures that we will complete your work efficiently and to an impeccable level. We understand that renovation works can sometimes be disruptive – although there’s no way to entirely avoid this, our team will provide excellent communication so you can be aware of the timescales involved and the status of the project as we move along. You can be assured that we will always seek to minimise any interruptions to your daily life, so your renovations are completed as quickly as possible.

Arranging Your Property Refurbishment Service Appointment

If your home is beginning to look tired or dull, then it is time for a change. The great thing about refurbishments is that in most cases, we can work with the space you already have to produce an entirely new look. Whether you have a specific plan of how you would like to revamp your interior, or you’d like to put us in charge of the ideas, we’d love to help.

Get in touch with our dedicated and professional property refurbishment services Essex or London teams today. You can reach us on 07428 488831 or email